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Watts TK9A PLUS Backflow Test Kit with Line Pressure Gauge

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Upgrade to a Watts Brand differential pressure gauge

Watts® TK9A PLUS Backflow Test Kit 3 Needle Valve Equipped with Line Pressure Gauge

The Watts® TK9A PLUS backflow test kit is a 3-needle valve backflow test kit used by certified backflow testers for testing backflow preventer assemblies. With the Watts® TK9A PLUS backflow test kit, you are able to test all makes, models and sizes backflow preventer assemblies, including irrigation, domestic, isolation, containment and fire. The Watts® TK9A PLUS backflow test kit ships fully assembled and with everything needed to start testing right away. The Watts® TK9A PLUS backflow test kit also comes with a printed calibration certificate valid for one year from date of shipment.


An upgrade to TK9A

Built entirely with instrument-grade needle valves (high, low and bypass), the Watts® TK9A- PLUS Backflow Test Kit has risen the bar for 3-valve test kits. The virtue of the needle valve is a small orrifice with a long, tapered seat and a needle-shaped plunger, creating a Vernier effect, especially useful where accurate control of flow is required. In testing backflow preventer assemblies, we work with 1/10th of a degree PSID, for example, the difference between 5.1 and 5.2. The ergonomic design of the stem and plunger of the needle valves on the Watts®TK9A PLUS backflow test kit assures not only great ease of use and reliable operation, but also guarantees no slippage or integral leakage, so common with conventional test kits. These benefits amount to more precise readings and longer gauge life. The exceptional features of needle valves give them a clear upper hand over conventional ball valves as used on the TK9A and other 3-valve test kits. In fact, needle valves are so crucial to backflow testing technology, that every backflow test kit must consist of at least one needle valve, at a minimum. The Watts® TK9A PLUS and TK9A are built on the same manifold and platform, and utilize the same differential pressure gauge and testing procedures, only the HIGH And LOW valves are needle valves, instead of the standard ball valves on the the TK9A.


• Try it FREE for 30 days

• FREE Shipping and FREE Returns in contiguous USA 

• In stock - calibrates and ships next day

• Calibration certificate valid for one year from date of shipment

• 3-needle valve backflow test kit for testing the following domestic, irrigation and fire-line backflow preventer assemblies:

• Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ)

• Double Check Valve (DC)

• Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)

• Spill-resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker (SPVB)

• Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly (RPDA)

• Double Check Detector Assembly (DCDA)

• 3-needle valve configuration (high, low, bypass)

• Watts 4.5" Differential Pressure Gauge; scale: 0 -15 PSID

• FREE Line Pressure Gauge for conveniently reading system pressure, now required by most water purveyors; scale: 0-160 PSI

• Full set Backflow Test Hoses: (3) 36" color-coded (red, yellow and blue) with ergonomic knurled swivel couplings for easy on and off without tools

• Same operating procedures as TK9A

• Maximum Working Temperature: 210°F

• Maximum Working Pressure: 175 PSI

• Ships fully assembled with calibration certificate valid for one year from date of shipment 

• Capable of performing all known test procedures.

Try It FREE for 30 Days. This might change your mind. All Watts® brand backflow test kits are protected by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't love it, return it - no sweat. We'll even pay your return shipping!


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