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Acugauge® 5-PC Adjustable Hand Reamer H12 to H16; 1-1/16 in. to 2-7/32 in. + Item is in FL, USA

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  • (H12) 1-1/16 to 1-3/16 in. | Overall Length 10 in.
  • (H13) 1-1/16 to 1-11/32 in. | Overall Length 11 in.
  • (H14) 1-11/32 to 1-1/2 in. | Overall Length 12 in.
  • (H15) 1-1/2 to 1-13/16 in. | Overall Length 14 in.
  • (H16) 1-13/16 to 2-7/32 in. | Overall Length 16 in.
These adjustable hand reamer blades can be sharpened and replaced as needed. Hand reamers are held with a tap wrench, adjustable wrench, or vise and slowly rotated to feed the reamer into the hole. Sometimes known as adjustable-blade reamers, adjustable hand reamers have a tendency to chatter and are a good choice for occasional reaming tasks or for light/heavy-duty reaming in assembly, automotive and maintenance operations. High-speed steel (HSS) adjustable hand reamers offer good wear resistance in a wide range of reaming tasks and can withstand chatter or hard surfaces. These reamers have straight blades that push chips forward into the hole, so they are best suited for reaming through holes. The reamers' nuts and blades can be adjusted to allow the tool to enlarge or finish holes of different sizes in metal work-pieces. Users can adjust the tool on the job in applications where they're not sure exactly what size reamer they need, which helps prevent downtime. Hand reamers are held with a tap wrench, adjustable wrench, or vise and slowly rotated to feed the reamer into the hole. 
  • Number of Blades: 6
  • Designed with enough adjustment to ream any odd size hole
  • Blades are manufactured from special steels accurately hardened and ground and are easily replaced by the user
  • Used for kingpin installation, general cutting and boring, auto and truck repair, removing stock or simply for enlarging or rounding off holes
  • Can be hand operated by use of tap wrenches or similar
  • Size can be adjusted by moving the blades in tapered slots by mean of loosening one nut and tightening the other
  • Used to smooth the bore walls of a drilled hole when precise sizing is necessary
  • The cutting diameter can be adjusted by loosening one nut while tightening the other
  • The most economical tool for precisely reaming any odd-sized hole
  • Adjustable to precisely fit a range of sizes, eliminating the need for single purpose, special diameter reamers
  • In general, kingpin reamers are intended for hand use only. 
  • Using them with power tools can cause damage to the reamer, the work piece, or yourself!!
  • Select the proper reamer and adjust the size if needed.
  • Mount the workpiece securely, such as in a vise. Attach a tap wrench to the reamer's square shank. In some cases, it might be easier to mount the reamer to the vice and turn the work piece.
  • Align the reamer with the hole and begin turning (clockwise for right hand cut reamers).
  • Apply even pressure while turning. 
  • Generally, using a cutting fluid will improve your surface finish and prolong the life of the reamer.
  • Do not turn the reamer backwards even when removing it from the hole.
  • Don't take too heavy of a cut; .002 - .005 per pass is typical, maybe more if reaming easy material.

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